Introduce our Aksara

Aksara is a powerful framework engine to realize what's only in your dreams becomes something real.

Serving both CMS or Framework. Yet it's reusable, scalable and ready to use!

Feature that make it different


It's lighter than another light thing


Also faster than another fast thing


Don't need to setup additional bloatsource


Proven to used as big data management

Built-in Themes

Come with the beautiful Bootstrap 4 theme

Built-in CMS

Ready to use Content Management System


Smart and adaptive modular routes

OTG Translation

On the Go translation phrase creation

<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

 * Make a CRUD for "products" table with Aksara

class Products extends Aksara
	public function index()
		// Single method to handle all CRUD functionality

Uncle Ben once said:

"With great power comes great responsibility"

But we will not discuss it here. We give a short review why does the government, education centers, research, offices, retail and other business need to switch to Aksara

Reliable Security

Improvised safety factors that are always tested and maintained.

Well Known Use

Like when use social media, just need a few click, click and click.

Control Anywhere, Any Device

Control it anytime, anywhere, with a portable device or smartphone.

Varies Graphical Report

Includes ready accurate and easy adjusted graphic reporting.

Rich of Ready Plugin

Rich ready-to-use plugins for accounting management.

Well Documented

Well documented, with open minded experts trainer.

Everything is Logged

Record every activity for better debugging / recognition.

Step Towards Convenience

The key to easy access to information in the digital era.

Embedding Youtube Video With Mediaelement.js

Mediaelement is a HTML5 video and audio unification framework


Render Map with OpenLayers

This experiment is to render the map data using OpenLayers plugin.


Create the Portfolio Page

Building the Portfolio Page is mandatory. It will give some feedback to visitor, or existing user to...


Creating Features Page

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Creating the Laboratory Page

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DWITRI Media is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping people in managing public information. We built an information system specifically for government, education and research centers and maintain it's connected infrastructure. Established in 2017 with a team of 3 peoples, now we are expanded on building an opensource project.

We helped more than 30 agencies with varied units. Based on the experience and research we made, a derivative Codeigniter framework with codename "Aksara" now can be formed to release into public.

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